Monday, November 21, 2011

Siri - She's a Silly Girl

I have gotten some great requests for items to review: Kacie suggested Siri, Sarah mentioned wine and Michael recommended energy drinks. Since its 12pm and I don’t feel right uncorking a bottle of wine right now and since I had my first coffee (in 3 months) yesterday and couldn’t go to sleep until 3am, I decided to write a little about a friend that millions of iphone 4S users have – Siri.

She’s a silly girl and she’s not always as helpful as you need her to be. So far I have used her to text friends without actually texting and to call my husband when I was wearing gloves (it’s starting to freeze in Colorado). And, it’s always nice to tell her “I’m hungry” so she can give me a list of places that are nearby. I think that’s where she is the most useful. Other than that, I have mostly used her (and my friends have used her) to ask random and silly questions. If you tell her you love her, she’ll say “you can’t.” If you ask her what she looks like, she replies “does my appearance matter to you?” (She’s sassy) What irritates me the most is that sometimes she doesn’t know what I’m asking – she’ll say “uh oh, something’s wrong. Can you try again?” After you hear this about 3 times, you just end up doing it yourself – which defeats the point.
Apparently, I will be meeting Siri – well, the lady who lent her voice to Siri. She is a good friend of one of my professors and will be coming to a class next spring. She does a bunch of voiceover work – you may have heard her on your GPS. 
Overall, I like Siri – she’s one of those friends that will come to mind when you randomly think of something but she’s not on your speed dial. I should mention that I do love the iphone 4S though – it takes great pictures, holds my schedule, has my favorite games and is uber fast (I upgraded from a 3).
What do you think?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

27th Birthday Review

I may have had the best 27th birthday of my life. Well, maybe I should say the best day after my 27th birthday. I woke up with two randomly placed bruises that really hurt (even 4 days later).
So what led up to these minor hematomas of tissue. The day of my birthday was a blast - I woke up 3 hours before I normally do to finish some last minute studying. I drove to school, took a midterm, went to a meeting, sat through class, finished up a report, practiced for a presentation, and went to class to turn in that report and present. I drove home at 9:30PM exhausted. But it was nice – I came home to a dark house with the hubby holding a cake lit with candles (the big “2” and “7”). He sang to me too (Don’t worry, I just asked Nick for permission to write about this). I blew out the candles and Nick said “did you make a wish?” I didn’t. I totally forgot that you were supposed to do that (shows my age). So he re-lit the candles and this time I made a wish. After all the work, I knew that I wanted to have a couple drinks and “that’s what friends are for” (I just sang this in my head). Thanks to some of the craziest ladies (and guys) I know, I had a great time. The night started out with drinks at the St. Julien. We watched crazy, elder people jam the night away on a makeshift dance floor between tables. We (I) decided that we were going to bar hop – have one drink then walk it out. Whoever lost at tournament jan-ken-po (or for mainland-ers, rock, paper, scissors) had to choose the next bar. We drank, danced, laughed and apparently I got punched in the thigh a couple times – I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dre Beats: Overrated

It's about time I created a new review (for all of my 30 fans I have out there - hi mom!). I decided to review my husband’s new $300 Dre Beats. I am not sure why these headphones are so expensive - maybe Dr Dre needs to "see a doctor" because he's crazy in the head to be charging so much. Or maybe it's "nuthin' but a "G" thang." This may sound weird to you if you are not a Dr Dre fan.

So besides a high price, what else can I write about? The product design is really nice. It stands out from other headphones - comes in pink, orange, purple, blue, etc. People will know you spent uku bucks (for my fans in Hawaii) for your headphones.

There is also a very scary warning on the package. It warns that you cannot listen to your music higher than a certain decibel level or you could lose your hearing. The problem is I have no way of measuring decibel levels. I will be safe and listen to it softly.

It’s also pretty comfortable. I don’t really like those headphones that go directly in your ear. Maybe because I have a small head and therefore, small ears, it hurts and I end up getting a headache.

The sound quality is not like I imagined. With people/artists like Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys endorsing the product, I thought that these headphones would make me go “whoa!” But I was let down. I think these people are his friends, which is actually really nice of them. Anyway, the earphones that come with the new iPhone 4S (do I smell another review?) are about the same quality. Bummer.

Like most of the decisions I make in my life, I let Buddy Holly decide.

I think he liked it. ((No animals were harmed in this process. The iPhone was not turned on. Buddy Holly’s ears are fine. I made sure by calling out “Buddy, come get a treat” and he heard me. ))

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm really you can guess if it worked or not

I LOVE my husband but he is a snorer (not sure if this is a word). We decided to buy and try these nose strips that we saw on TV (also, I needed something else to review for this blog). So we purchased the Breathe Right nasal strips from Wal-Mart. As you can see by my title, it didn't work.

At first, it seemed like it was going to work. I could just hear him breathing - not snoring. But then it came on like a thunderstorm. What's even worse is that Buddy Holly has recently started snoring, so my bedroom sounds like it's hosting a snoring competition from about 11p - 5a. Lucky me.

To the defense of the product, it only really claims to "open your nose" and help you breathe better. There is only a small bullet point that says it helps snoring. My husband said it wasn't uncomfortable ..although he didn't say it was comfortable either. It also leaves a small mark on your nose when you take it off. I wonder if we put it on wrong as well. The packaging gives you pretty good instructions but not all noses are the same.

This product was a fail.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Which Breath-Fighting snack does Buddy Holly prefer?

First, I should probably mention that Buddy Holly is my 2-year old Great Pyrenees-mix doggy (not the famous rock and roll star of the 50's, although Buddy Holly (my dog) was named after his (the rock and roll star's) reference in the 1994 Weezer song).

Anyway, Buddy Holly loves his treats - so I try to buy him treats that somehow benefit him or the people around him. I buy treats with vitamins, with things that help his bones, hips, coat, etc. And I buy him treats for his teeth and breath. I decided for my first review to see which breath-fighting snack my Buddy Holly would prefer.

Here is my analysis on two of the products in this category:

Breath Buster (Pedigree):
  • Made with parsley and eucalyptus oil (and smells like it) - not sure a doggy would like to eat a treat that smells like plants, although Buddy Holly tends to eat grass/plants a lot
  • Has a "guaranteed analysis" on the packaging (% of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber and moisture) - I have no idea what this means to me or for Buddy Holly, but I guess it shows that it is good for dogs ???
Teeth and Breath Treats (Nature's Recipe)
  • These are smaller than the Breath Busters - could be good or bad. 
  • According to the packaging...No beef, corn or wheat (is this good??), no by-products or fillers (this is good), helps avoid food intolerance (that's nice), a delicious snack (we'll see about that)
  • Made with parsley seed oil and spearmint but doesn't smell like a "breath" treat
From my perspective, it seems that the Nature's Recipe would be a better snack for Buddy Holly. It doesn't smell like herbs which, to me, would be better. But Buddy Holly is a weird one - he does like grass and twigs and plants, so maybe he would be in to it. I guess there is only one way to find out.

Buddy Holly had to wait in his crate:
 While I set up the two treats:

When he was released, he chose the Pedigree Breath Buster:

I guess for this review, Pedigree won via Buddy Holly's choice.

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